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An Exciting 

Body Art Meets Luxury


Not A Franchise

Fine Ink® prides ourselves on bridging the gap between traditional seedy tattoo shops and luxury spa-like studios, creating a unique and client-focused atmosphere that sets us apart. Gone are the days of intimidating and unwelcoming Tattoo Environments. Our vision is to provide a sophisticated and comfortable space where clients can fully immerse themselves in the tattoo experience.

Why Choose Us?

20+ Years Experience

Fine Ink has been trusted a long time. We know what clients and franchisees need. Making us one of the best franchises to own. 

15+ Locations

Over 15 successful locations in the Central Florida area lets you know we focus on quality


Unmatched Customer Satisfaction

With over 3500

5-star reviews clients trust Fine Ink Studios.

Innovative Practices

We set standards  above the rest, with in-depth franchise inspections we keep our studios safe and clean


Rapid Growth

13 New Units

In 18 Months


Low Cost 



*Data from 2023 Franchise Disclosure Document 


Average Revenue


Infographic systems.png

Online Booking

A first of its kind 

tattoo booking 

system providing leads

directly to you

Nurturing Leads

No potential revenue

is wasted at FI. We use

a detailed marketing system to convert leads.

Client Followup

Build relationships with

your clients to keep them coming back for more. 


Robust POS

Our POS schedules appointments and keep track of artist availability to maximize operating hours.

Specialized Franchise 

In addition to franchise operations training, Fine Ink® offers franchisees an immersive 3-week Tattoo or Piercing course. Allowing you to delve deep into the vibrant world of tattoo culture and acquire the skills needed to excel in the industry. Fine Ink Academy is not just a school; it's a transformative journey that will equip you with the expertise and confidence in your understanding of the Tattoo and Piercing industry.

Screenshot 2023-08-15 at 12.16.20 PM.png

The Tattoo Industry is Booming

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