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Know your new business

You Won't Do it Alone

Support from A-Z

We believe in building Fracnhisees from the ground up, instilling in them the unique Fine Ink Culture that sets our studios apart. Our meticulously designed curriculum not only imparts technical skills but also immerses franchisees in the essence of Fine Ink Studios® artistry, ethos, and customer-centric approach. By cultivating a deep understanding of the Fine Ink Culture, our franchisees seamlessly transition into their studios, ensuring a harmonious and authentic experience for both artists and clients alike. 

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  • Pre Opening Marketing 

  • Grand Opening Marketing 

  • On-Going Marketing 

  • Studio Operations

  • Site Selection

  • POS

  • Accounting

  • Fine Ink Culture

Fine Ink Academy

Your missing piece in staffing 

At Fine Ink Academy we teach tattoo artists and piercers FOR YOU. We dedicate time and attention to building artists and piercers from the ground up to give you the best support in time of need, and ease the stress of staffing. FIA goes above and beyond in shaping the future of tattoo and piercing artistry. 

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Specialized Franchise 

In addition to franchise operations training, Fine Ink® offers franchisees an immersive 3-week Tattoo or Piercing course. Allowing you to delve deep into the vibrant world of tattoo culture and acquire the skills needed to excel in the industry. Fine Ink Academy is not just a school; it's a transformative journey that will equip you with the expertise and confidence in your understanding of the Tattoo and Piercing industry.

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