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A Rich History
Of Success


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Rick Barnett
Fine Ink Founder

Our founder and CEO Rick Barnett is the brain behind our operation. He spent his 20s painting portraits but spent much of his time looking for an artistic way to connect with others on a real level. 


Rick's entrepreneurial spirit quickly kicked in. It wasn't long before he took ownership of an existing studio, Rick changed the name in 2009, and the first Fine Ink Studio® was born. 

Rick Barnett - 1 .HEIC

Limitless Potential
The First Tattoo Franchise

Rick - 5.HEIC

 When we franchised, we were not aware of  how many people really wanted to get into  it. And we’re the first franchised tattoo  studio in America so the road is just  completely open, with no cars, as fast as you  can go you can go!

While tattooing has gone mainstream over the last decade, the industry has lagged behind. There are very few standards as almost all tattoo shops are individually owned by a tattoo artist.  

That's where Fine Ink enters, we legitimized the tattoo industry.

The massage business went through a similar business model

revolution a decade ago when they transitioned from massage parlors with questionable reputations to todays Message Envy and Hand and Stone model that have thousands of locations and are located in retail centers everywhere.  The tattoo industry is poised for similar growth.


Fine Ink Studios feature the reputation, quality and look that lead this revolution in the industry that is poised to explode. 

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